Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Greg Ferro's CCIE Study Method

Greg Ferro from Etheralmind recently posted a fantastic summary of his study methodology, and I agree so strongly with so many of his items that I think everyone needs to read it!

A few of the more potent ideas he mentions are:
  • Using ear plugs to block out all distractions
  • Do not listen to the radio or TV during your study sessions
  • Use flash cards to help with your weakest areas
  • Use Spaced Learning to perminantly memorize important concepts.  (Note, I talked about this in a previous post)
  • Make a plan!  I had a detailed plan of which Class on Demand videos I would watch on which days, and which labs I would do when.  If I started to fall behind I would put in a few extra hours to make it happen.  Remember that the test date will come, you best be prepared.

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